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Some sports, like tennis, are unique in that they require mental focus and agility that is more intense than other sports. The most important game you play is the one inside your own mind. Break free of what holds you back.

Having troubles playing with a particular doubles partner? I can help!

The way we work with our doubles partner often reflects the way we work with our spouse, coworkers or people we might find difficult. Work on communication skills and how to effectively work with someone that might not always be easy to work with.


Workshops are offered on court for both adult players all of skill levels, junior players, and parents. Workshops may address: Mindfulness techniques, Negative self-talk, Mental toughness, Risk taking under pressure, Coping with anger, problem solving skills, Making decisions & performance under pressure.

Parents have specially designed workshops where they will learn how to support their child mentally and behaviorally off the court through a supportive family system.

Confidential and professional sessions are conducted in a private practice office where you have the freedom to work on your blocks without judgment from others. Initial consultations involve a collaborative approach with the coaches to ensure goals and perceived blocks are aligned.  I offer individual, couples and family therapy.

Together we will work on the skills you utilize in life, and how those skills may be helping or hurting your game. If you are someone who has a hard time cooling down after getting angry and frustrated, you might have noticed how anger seriously blocks your game. We will also address negative self-talk, anxiety, fear of failure, risk taking, making decisions under pressure, and how to stay mentally present on the court (mindfulness).

Consultations are available as well as on court post-match sessions.

I offer flexible appointments (first come first serve) and affordable rates. 

Doubles therapy